Tabia the Model – A Girl With a Dream

Tabia's dream

Tabia with fashion stylist, Edith-Edie Henry

Tabia Kocks is an amazing 28-year-old young lady with Down syndrome. She lives in Graham, Washington. She has been a very happy girl since the day she was born, always having a warm smile on her face which will brighten anyone’s day.

Since a young age, Tabia has shown skills for anything relating to the arts; coloring, drawing, tracing, pottery, etc. Later in life, around her 13th year, she started to show an interest in fashion. From magazines and YouTube, to TV shows, she was drawn in by anything pertaining to fashion.

One of Tabia’s biggest achievements was to graduate from high school. She was enrolled in main-stream high school classes and earned her high school diploma from Graham-Kapowsin in 2013.

Tabia’s Dream

Tabia - Class of 2013After graduation she implored for me to find her a job as a model. We came across an opportunity with an agency for a fashion shoot and discovered that she is a natural. She really enjoys having her picture taken, follows instructions, and is very comfortable in front of the camera.

Tabia’s dream is to become a model. Of course, this is a challenging endeavor. She does not comprehend there are barriers to break down to make it happen. Our society is progressing, but has much further to grow with the issue of handicap-inclusion. Tabia hopes that people will look at her website and realize she can perform a fashion shoot as well as many models without Down syndrome.

Tabia is simply asking for an opportunity to show off her work. Even with her disability, she would like to be accepted in society to do what she loves – modeling!

You are more than welcome to share this site in support of Tabia’s dreams! For inquiries about modeling opportunities for Tabia, please contact us.

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