Tabia Kocks - TALK interview

Tabia Kocks “Tabia the Model” TALK Down Syndrome Interview

Tabia Kocks was interviewed by TALK 23 in honor of celebrating World Down Syndrome Day 2022. This podcast is broadcast by Spotify.



Chantele: Welcome back to the TALK Down Syndrome Podcast. This is Chantel Holm, and today we have on our show, our guest speaker is Tabia Kocks. Some of you have seen her on Instagram, on social media, she’s all over the place. She is a professional model and she has Down Syndrome which is her is her best asset of course, as well all know we love Down Syndrome.

Chantele: So, we are celebrating her today, celebrating her achievements, as well as just getting to know who she is. So, I’m going to get Tabia on the phone. So, I want to get right into it today because it is World Down Syndrome Day (March 21, 2022) and I hope you guys are listening today. Happy World Down Syndrome Day. I love you all. I love our listeners and what better way to celebrate than with a beautiful girl inside and out that has done so many great things and set such a great example to all the little children out there that are looking and aspiring to be something and not letting a title or diagnosis or a label define her. She is just kicking. So I thought she’d be a great guest speaker today. So let’s get her on the phone. Let’s jump right into it. Hold on tight. I’ll be right back.

Chantele: Welcome to the Podcast.

Fabby and Tabia: Thank you for having us.

Chantele: I reached out to you because I have been seen Tabia all over social media, Instagram, and Facebook, and the National Down Syndrome Society posted about her last month, and I am happy to have you on the podcast because today is World Down Syndrome Day and Tabia is a perfect example for any young listeners.

Chantele: How do you feel about becoming so popular so fast?

Tabia: Good.

Chantele: How did you start being interested in modeling and fashion?

Tabia: When I was in high school.

Chantele: Were you the type of person that created your own look?

Fabby: Did you do your own look?

Tabia: Yes.

Fabby: She is a creator she always creates her own look.

Chantele: That is amazing. After high school when did you realize you wanted to do modeling as a job?

Tabia: After high school.

Fabby: When she was in high school, she started to tell me she wanted to be in the modeling career. She had an opportunity in Texas, and after I saw her how she loved the makeup and camera, I realized that is what she really wanted and Tabia never changed her mind. “That is what I want to do,” and I said, “Okay, we will figure out how to do it!” I see her dedicated and interested in modeling and she is opening doors for other girls and enjoys doing.

Chantele: You are a beautiful person inside as well as in. Can you give me an example when Tabia was younger, how was it when she had open-heart surgery for you?

Fabby: She was really young and it was really scary for me because it is her heart. When the surgery went through, they would tell me every step, and when it was done, the heart started again and the next day, I went to ICU and Tabia was a fighter and a warrior. I realized she was a tough girl.

Chantele: Tabia, are you a tough girl?

Tabia: Yes, I am.

Chantele: I love you were Miss Amazing Washington. How did it feel when you were recognized as Miss Amazing Washington?

Tabia: It makes me happy.

Fabby: It makes me happy too!

Chantele: Keep doing whatever you are doing, Tabia. When you are getting ready for a fashion show or photoshoot, what is your favorite part?

Tabia: I love makeup.

Chantele: Are you interested in design or doing your own makeup?

Tabia: I would like to work with some companies on products like makeup and clothing or skincare.

Chantele: I have seen models do that. Like a Madaline Steward.

Fabby: She is friends with Madaline and Chelsea and Georgia from Brazil. She is in touch with Marian Avila from Spain through Instagram.

Chantele: I would love to see you partner with companies. I have two daughters that saw your pictures and asked if you were a princess in Washington. It is nice to see a role model for younger kids like Tabia. What goals do you have for yourself in the future?

Fabby: She wants to be on the cover of a magazine and to keep modeling.

Chantele: Have you traveled out of different states?

Tabia: Austin, Texas.

Fabby: She loves the people there. They are kind and support her. That is where she started her career.

Chantele: Have you been to other countries?

Fabby: She’s been in Mexico, but she’s only had photo sessions there, not modeling.

Chantele: What is your biggest accomplishment?

Tabia: To be in the fashion shows.

Chantele: Is it scary for you to be on the runway?

Tabia: No, I got this!

Fabby: When she finishes the fashion show she always says…

Tabia: I got this!

Fabby: You won’t believe how much confidence she has.

Chantele: Have you had any setbacks being in the modeling industry?

Tabia: My speech, because I need help with my sentences.

Fabby: Tabia has an auditory processing disorder and apraxia so it has delayed her speech.

Chantele: My daughter has a delay in speech too. My daughter reminds me of Tabia because she will stand there and make sures I try to make me understand her and makes sure she gets what she wants.

Fabby: Tabia is working on making sentences.

Chantele: Tabia, do you have an accent?

Tabia: No, I don’t.

Chantele. My last question. What would you tell little girls that meet you and idolize you and be like you, what message would you give to little children?

Tabia: Keep your chin up and follow your dreams.

Chantele: I am very lucky to be able to talk to you and the first podcast you have been on. I wanted to tell you thank you so much, and Tabia you are great already and you are going to continue to do amazing things, and I am so fortunate to talk to you now because in the future you’re going to be a celebrity and I won’t be able to get ahold of you because you’d be so busy doing great things. So, I am thankful to be able to talk to you now in the beginning of your journey. Congratulations on all your success.

Tabia and Fabia: Thank you for having us.


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